Cooking Classes

Private cooking classes are also available at our kitchen. Call the Market, send us an email, or stop by for more information. Reservation and prepayment are required.

Winter 2014 Cooking Classes:

Cooking classes are at capacity. Please call or email to let us know if you want to be on waiting list.
February 24, 2014 Bolognese and Gnocchi:     Cooking classes will resume Monday, February 24!!  We will start off with a Bolognese and Gnocchi Class to kick it off.  If you've never had Chef's Gnocchi, you are missing out on little clouds of heaven literally melting in your mouth.  Reservations are required so sign up early as we have a 12 person maximum for all classes!  
March 10, 2014 Bacon:   BACON!!!  Yes, we are going there!  Cooking with Chef's house-made bacon will be our first class in March!  Sign up early as this is sure to sell out quickly!

March 24, 2014 Risotto:   Chef Nick is going to walk you through how to make a perfect risotto - once you've mastered this technique you will dazzle your friends with your brilliant skills and be the talk of your neighborhood! And maybe get your Mother-In-Law off your back - for a minute...

April 14, 2014 Fish:   Good Friday is coming so time for FISH!  Chef Nick will show you skills of filetting, deboning, and cooking fresh fish.  We will not be having a class on April 28, 2014 so we can have....

CINCO DE MAYO!! Mexican:   Kylie will start off the class teaching you how to make a refreshing margarita using white wine and Chef Nick will follow making some traditional and not so traditional Mexican dishes!  Might wanna go ahead and call out sick on May 6th... Beano not included.

May 19, 2014 Veggies, Pesto & Vinaigrette:   What to do what to do what to do with all those fresh veggies and herbs you're about to grow in your backyard?? Join Chef Nick for a Spring Vegetable, Pesto and Vinaigrette Class to get out of your grilled vegetable rut!  Let him show you how to showcase beautiful summer produce with some simple recipes to enhance any side dish or showcase a main entree. 

June 16, 2014 Cast Iron and Meat and Potatoes:   Happy Father's Day Men! Come join Chef Nick for a Cooking with Cast Iron Class featuring what else? Meat and Potatoes!  Learn the ins and outs of cooking with Cast Iron - how to treat it, how to clean it and how to cook with it!  Women, Kylie will be having classes out back on how to throw it and use it as a weapon.

See Details below for times, pricing and reservation information!

Classes are $95 per person, per class.   Three or more classes booked:  $85 per person, per class.
Private Classes are available with an eight (8) person minimum and twelve (12) person maximum at $95 per person.
All classes start at 6:30 p.m. and typically end around 9:00 to 9:30 p.m.
Call 540-253-5456 or e-mail us at to make your reservations now.

A 72 hour cancellation policy applies. Class schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather.