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Forlano's Market Supports Local Farms, providing a high-quality, hormone-free alternative to the factory-farmed beef, pork, poultry, and produce found in large grocery stores. We believe that buying locally spares the environment, supports family farms, strengthens the local economy, and protects open space and farmland.

Following is a partial list of our neighbors.

Martin's Angus Beef
Martin's Angus Beef 
(The Plains, Virginia; www, facebook)
"At Martin's Angus Beef, you will find that we are passionate about our cattle and the beef we produce. Martin’s Angus Beef is dedicated to providing high quality 21-30 day, dry aged, grass fed & grain finished Angus Beef at a reasonable price to families in Northern Virginia.  Martin’s Angus Beef are fed to a USDA Grade of high Choice to Prime, as you would find in top steak houses. Our cattle are raised in the rolling pastures of the Piedmont Valley of Virginia and are fed grass and grain grown and managed on the farm. No growth hormones are fed to our Angus Beef at any time."

Wiffletree Farm (Warrenton, Virginia; Poultry & Eggs
Farmers Jesse and Liz Straight began raising pastured broiler chickens and turkeys in 2009 under the name "Jesse Straight's Pastured Poultry." As of 2011, we added free-foraging pork, grass-finished beef, and pastured laying hens to our repertoire. In early 2012, we moved the entire farm operation to the rambling acres of historic Whiffletree Farm. It is our joy to be living and farming in Jesse’s hometown of Warrenton. We are proud to serve many families and restaurants throughout Virginia.

Raptor Gap Farm (Bluemont, Virginia; Pork )
Raptor Gap Farm is focused on providing the highest quality Kurobota (Berkshire Pork) and Berkshire cross pork. Customer satisfaction is the most important goal that we have set. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.
Our boar is a certified pure bred Berkshire boar. We have two certified Berkshire sows, two Duroc sows, and two exotic sows. The Duroc breed is also renowned for it's rich flavor and red pork meat. We belief the mixture of Duroc and Berksire traits produces a delicious full flavored pork that rivals the famed pure Berkshire pork and provides the benefit of the hybrid animal offering a faster growing, stronger hog.
Our pigs live on wooded land in Snickers Gap in Bluemont, VA. They root up hickory nuts and acorns that fall all around them. We have 41 acres of mostly wooded land with many large hickory and oak trees. These are probably the happiest market hogs in Virginia! Happy hogs make excellent pork!

North Cove Mushrooms (Brightwood, Virginia; Mushrooms www.northcovemushrooms)
North Cove Mushrooms is a local farm, built from the ground up by Eason Burke and Robin Serne of Brightwood, VA. We specialize in producing high quality Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms year round.

Our growing methods use an environmentally friendly process. Starting with a industry ‘byproduct‘- oak chips, sawdust, straw, and cottonseed hulls- and ending with nutritious compost, we cultivate flavorful chemical free mushrooms for the local market. You can find our fresh mushrooms in  Culpeper, Warrenton, Charlottesville, Washington DC, and surrounding areas.

Our business is inspired by our love of shopping at farmers markets, and the excitement of finding local food on a restaurant menu. We noticed that the availability and quality of one of our favorite foods- mushrooms- was very hit and miss. We are proud to be contributors to our community and the local food movement by filling this niche with our year round shiitake and oyster production.

Over the Grass Farm
Over The Grass Farm
 (Eggs, Honey, and Produce; The Plains, Virginia; www)
"We have 400+ rolling acres, more than half is used for pasture for our cattle, sheep, and horses. Pastures are set up in a New Zealand style rotational grazing system with animals being moved around through a series of small paddocks throughout the grazing season. Our vegetable production happens in several unheated hoop house, or high tunnels. Seedlings are started in our heated greenhouse. We have just under an acre of outside garden space that grows all of our produce during the regular season. We have a small orchard of about 20 fruit trees. The dairy is run through a cow-share program, where the customer buys a share in a cow and gets milk on a weekly basis."

Three Fox Vineyards
Three Fox Vineyards
 (Delaplane, Virginia; wwwfacebook)
"Three Fox Vineyards is the essence of “La Dolce Vita”. It is our love of caring for those who come to spend time with us. It is the passion of crafting hand-made wines in the old world tradition. We are a place to throw away your cares and enjoy life, family and friends. We are a peaceful 50 acre island set on rolling hills in the heart of Virginia’s hunt country. Our way of being takes your heart away to north-central Italy, to Tuscany or the Piemonte. In fact, we have Northern Virginia’s first plantings of Sangiovese, the main red wine grape of Tuscany, and are among the very few vineyards in Virginia growing and making wine from Nebbiolo, a key red wine grape of the Italian Piemonte."

Kinloch Farm (The Plains, Virginia; Honey) 540-253-5041 4290 Kinloch Lane, The Plains, Virginia
John Blevins (The Plains, Virginia; Produce - local grower)
Maple Hill Crest Farm (Catlett, Virginia - Tomatoes seasonally)


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